The Wintergreen Adventure Challenge
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Obstacles at the Wintergreen Adventure Challenge

Click here or on the image below to download a course map. (pdf) 

  1. The Hurricane
    Start your journey through a barrage of snowmaking fanguns. We're thinking a category 6.
  2. Adventure Challenge Course Map (Click for Larger)
  3. Link –N- Logs
    Not the toys you remember as a kid. Climb over walls of logs and don’t forget to lend a helping hand.
  4. Hay Now!
    Climb over stacked hay bales. Sounds pretty easy, huh?
  5. Rocky Run!
    Sure footing and a steady pace will be key to maneuvering up this rocky ascent.
  6. Widow’s Nest!
    Face in the dirt as you crawl downhill. The net overhead tied to the ground will keep you in the dirt in case you get any funny ideas.
  7. The Plunge!
    Like the waterslides you loved as a kid except more mud and less love.
  8. The Hurdler
    One hundred vertical feet of over, under, over, under and more more over, under.
  9. Not So Tight Rope!
    Hand over hand and foot over foot across a water filled pit.
  10. Lily Pad!
    It's a whole new meaning to leap frog. We've taken tubes from the tubing park and flipped them over so the hole is covered. Next, we tied them together in a long line. Let's see how well you navigate across the pond by jumping, stepping or crawling from tube to tube. 
  11. Right Pane Top Gr Participant Registration Online

    Click here to register online. 

    Spectator Passes

    We expect 3,000 people each day to participate in this crazy- tough obstacle course. While they navigate the seven mile track, they’ll need you to cheer them on.  Tickets: $10 and includes a chairlift ride. Click here to purchase online.

    Right Pane Bottom 
  12.  Red Neck Rapunzel
    You'll need upper body strength and a willingness to climb fresh cut pine.
  13. Slob Web!
    Climb on your hands and knees through a web of ropes over some of the best mud the Blue Ridge Mountains have to offer.
  14. Ants In Your Pants!
    On your knees solider! Military crawl through sand under wire. Don’t worry, we’ll spread plenty of sugar the day before to make sure the ants come.
  15. Rock –N- Don’t Roll!
    Maneuver through a dry mountainous creek bed, unless it rains. Then you may need a raft and some arm floaties.
  16. Huff –N- Puff!
    The first climb up one of Wintergreen’s expert ski slopes but not the last.
  17. Link –N- Logs!
    Yep, more log walls to climb over. By now you should be an expert.
  18. Green Mile!
    Up, up, up and then up some more along this black diamond ski slope for 1000 vertical feet and nearly a mile long!
  19. Blow Pop!
    A true test of lung power! Blow up a balloon for the kiddies. We’ll let you know when you’re done.
  20.  Loose Cargo
    A little climbing and lots of holding on.
  21. Hay'd Out
    Tackle another mountain of hay, but this time beware an added challenge.
  22. Itchy Scratchy!
    Almost finished. All you have to do now is crawl through dry itchy grass under a heavy net. The grass should be nice and thick by event day.