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Tennis Tips

Forehand Spacing


Shot Selection

Shot selection is a very important part of tennis. When up at the net in a volleying position only try to attack on a ball that you can make contact with above the net. If you are hitting a volley below the level of the net try to hit a soft controlled volley so as not to pop the ball up to your opponents.


Hitting a Drop Volley

Wintergreen TennisThe key to hitting a drop volley or touch shot is the amount of tension applied to the grip by the hitting hand. When trying to hit a drop volley or drop shot, soften up your grip on the racquet so that you are able to feel the ball on the strings as opposed to having a very firm grip on the handle of the racquet.

Baseline Groundstrokes

When back on the baseline hitting groundstrokes remember to stop moving your feet when the incoming ball bounces on your side of the court. This will allow you to be in a balanced position by the time you hit your shot. The more your feet move after the ball bounces on your side of the court the higher percentage chance you have of not being in a balanced position by the time you strike the ball.

Split Step Timing 

The key to being ready for your opponent’s shot is the proper timing of the split step. Remember right when or slightly before your opponent makes contact with the ball to make your split step. This will allow you to be in a balanced position to properly attack or defend your opponents shot.

Open Stance Forehand

Try to keep incorporating more “open stance forehands” to your game for these reasons:

  • Your contact point doesn’t have to be perfec
  • Promotes more racquet head speed by giving yourself MORE SPACE and incorporating LEVERAGE
  • You’ll be faster on the court (it’ll be easier to recover) 
  • It’ll save you time on a more penetrating ball instead of “stepping in”

Change Ball Direction

Remember when to change the direction of the ball….it is always EASIEST to hit the ball back, to where it came from.

Add Some Spin

Add more spin to your shots, especially when you are hitting from behind the baseline. This will add consistency and more variety to your game, while cutting down on your unforced errors.

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