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Pickleball, the fastest growing sport in America, combines elements of badminton, tennis, and ping pong. Equipment includes a paddle and plastic ball with holes and is played on a modified (smaller) court and net.  Pickleball accommodates single and double play, plus, it's fun and easy for all ages and abilities making it a great family sport. 

Reserve a Pickleball court in advance by calling 434-325-8345.

Rules of the Games

History of Pickleball

Prince Spectrum Pickleball Paddle Review

All of the pros and players who demonstrated the Prince Spectrum paddle here at Wintergreen Resort were in agreement that the thing we like most about the paddle is its feel and power. The paddle’s large sweet spot gives the player more control on all the shots and as one player commented “I felt like I knew where the ball was going every time.” Another player noted that “the depth of the ball corresponded with the length of their stroke.” On smashes and serves, the Prince Spectrum allowed our players to generate power effortlessly. We also noted that it was easy to execute dinks with this control paddle. The large sweet spot also created “less jarring impact” on contact and it felt softer and easier on the arm which is great for someone who struggles with their hand eye coordination. For these reasons, the Prince Spectrum paddle would be a good fit for a player who is just starting out in Pickleball and may struggle with hitting the ball in the sweetspot, as well as someone who has been playing for a year or more. This lightweight 7.7 oz paddle has a thin grip that is very comfortable for players with large and small hands alike and proved to be very maneuverable during quick volley exchanges. 

We’d like to thank Pickleball Central for providing the Prince Spectrum demo paddle for our members and pros to try out. If anyone else is interested in trying out this player friendly paddle, please ask at the desk when you arrive. To find out more about the Prince Spectrum paddles, click here. See you out on the courts! 

Submitted by Wintergreen Pickleball Professional, Shelly Stillman-Scott