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RFID Ticketing System

An RFID ticketing and gate system provides a direct-to-lift convenience for all guests who have a reloadable RFID card. Skiers and snowboarders can bypass the lift ticket windows and simply reload lift tickets or renew season passes online.

Things to Know:

  • RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification Device, this means that each RFID card has its own unique radio frequency that communicates directly to the Lift Axess Gates allowing you to pass through to load the lift.
  • These unique RFID cards are reloadable online. Once you have your reloadable card, you can load lift tickets and season passes right onto this card bypassing the ticket windows.
  • Each guest needs to have their own RFID card on person to pass through the Lift Axess Gates. Reloadable cards are not transferable.
  • RFID cards need to be carried on person, between 24” to 48” above the snow surface for the Axess Gate to read the card properly.
  • RFID cards need to be carried in a pocket by themselves, without any other RFID cards, cell phones, coins, or metal wrappers (medicine, gum, candy wrappers, etc.).
  • DO NOT punch any holes into your RFID card as it will destroy the antenna.
  • DO NOT let someone else use your RFID card. These are non-transferable cards and your skiing/riding privileges may be revoked.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of pass/ticket products can I load onto my RFID card?

All lift ticket and season pass products sold online can be loaded onto your RFID card using your WTP code found on the front of the card.

Does my season pass use an RFID card? How do I buy a ticket using my RFID card?

You can easily reload your unique RFID card online here for lift tickets and here for season passes. You will notice a WTP code on the front side of your RFID card. This code is unique to your RFID card and will need to be entered when prompted during check-out.

How long will my RFID card last?

The type of RFID card that will be issued by Wintergreen Resort has a recommended life of 5 years by Axess. This is a life cycle that has been established through their own testing and experience of the card to their manufacturing standards. 

I lost my RFID card, what do I do now? 

If you lost your card, Ski Guest Services will be able to replace it for a fee of $5 for lift tickets and $29 for season passes. 

My RFID card isn’t working, what do I do now?

Please bring your RFID card to Ski Guest Services. They will inspect the card to try to determine why the card is not working. If your card is broken, has a hole punched in it, or has been damaged in any way, a replacement fee of $5 for lift tickets and $29 for season passes applies, unless it is the result of manufacture defect, in which case your card will be replaced free of charge. 

I have a ticket voucher, how do I use that?

Any ticket voucher will need to be brought to a Lift Ticket Window to redeem for the product or value listed on the voucher. If you do not already have an RFID card, you will be charged a $5 card fee at the time of voucher redemption.  

How to reload your RFID Card:

1. If you have purchased a lift ticket online from Wintergreen before, this part of the process will be familiar to you! Simply provide your first name, last name, and email before clicking continue.

2. Fill out your guest information in the fields provided. At the bottom of the Guest Information screen, select "Yes, Guest #1 has a reloadable Axess Card."

3. Once you have selected that you want to reload your card, you will be prompted to enter your card's WTP number.  Once you have typed your number, select the "Add" button.

4. It may take a few moments for the system to locate your WTP number. This is normal. Once your card has been located, you should see the following notification, informing you that Guest #1 can head straight to the lift!