Ski + Snowboard Rentals


As the Pros say, equipment does make a different in performance. Wintergreen strives to provide top-notch rental equipment so you can have the best experience on snow. To that end, we have partnered with Rossignol, allowing us to reduce equipment set-up time and allow more time on the slopes.

Rentals as easy as 1,2,3

Step 1: Register and complete your Guest Profile

A fully completed Guest Profile is required for EACH set of rental equipment. (This step does not confirm you have reserved rental equipment, it just means your Guest Profile and information is correct to continue and fulfill the process)
Click Here To Register for Rentals

Step 2: Purchase your ski or snowboard equipment rental

Only after completing Step 1, you will then follow the button below to purchase your rentals. Due to limited indoor capacity, and to reduce lines, rental equipment is sold in one hour pick up times. You must arrive to the ticket windows during the hour time block you purchase to get your rentals. The time stated on the rental item is the start of the hour window. We recommend purchasing your rentals as soon as you are sure of your trip date.

During the checkout process you will need to attach a guest profile to each rental. In doing so this will save you time when you get to the resort to pick up your rentals. Please have a copy of your confirmation email handy either on your phone or printed out. We will need the sale id number to pull up your sale at the ticket window.
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Step 3: Arrival & Pickup

Take your confirmation email to the ticket windows located in the mid-level of Skyline Pavilion to receive your rental tickets. There is very limited locker capacity/storage so you should use your car as your home base. Bring a backpack with you to the rental shop so that you can transport your shoes/belongings back to your car after you receive your rentals. Only rental guests and accompanied minors will be allowed in the rental shop. If you are with others who are not renting, you will have to meet them on the slopes.

For more information on rentals, please call 434-325-2100.

Ski & Snowboard Rental Adult (13-64) Youth (6-12)/Sr(65+) 5 & Under (Ski Only)
8-hour Rental $49 $44 $34
Extended Session (9am -close) $59 $54 $44
Night (4pm-close) $39 $34 $29
Multi Day Rental (2+ Days) Pay 8-hour rental price per day and keep overnight.
Helmets $14 per day

You must first follow steps in the registration tab before purchasing rentals. If you have already created a guest profile in the past you must check profile for accurate height and weight fields.


Check The Wintergreen Weekly for Rentals and Tune Shop Hours

Service 23-24 Season Rates
Machine Wax $14
Hot Wax $34
Quick Tune $34
Quick Tune + Hot Wax $54
Full Tune $59
World Cup Tune $84
Ski Binding Calibration $34
Ski Binding Mount $64
Snowboard Mount $24
Season Tune Pass $229
Season Wax Pass $54
Repair $89+

Everything your equipment needs to stay in tip-top shape before, during, and after season! Includes: Pre-season scrape, wax, buff, binding check & adjust; In-season 1 full tune and unlimited waxing & edging; Post-season summerization wax protectant, ski binding tension release or record board binding setting. Must be purchased in conjunction with season pass during same tier. Valid for up to 2 sets of equipment per Passholder. Minimum 48-hour service timeline. Pass is non-transferable and may not be shared. All skis/boards must belong to the passholder the tune pass was purchased for.


Waiver must be completed in detail upon arrival. Parent must sign the Rental Waiver for children under age 18.

Rental Waiver

Q. Is a helmet included in my rental and is it required to wear a helmet while skiing and/or snowboarding?
A. Helmets are an additional charge and not included in your rental package. Although helmets are not required, they are recommended to all of our guests.    Heads Up – Helmet Safety Guidelines

Q. Are ski poles included in the rental fee?
A. Poles are included for ski rentals, not snowboard rentals. However, ski poles are not recommended for all skiers. Beginner skiers and children are normally taught to ski without poles, if they are enrolled in a lesson, their instructor may ask them to leave the poles behind.

Q. What is the youngest child you have equipment for?
A. We offer skis down to 70cm and snowboards down to 80cm. Ski boots are available down to a toddler size 8 and snowboard boots down to a toddler size 11. If the child is big enough to fit in those size boots, we will have skis or a board to match.

Q. Since I have my own ski boots, can I rent skis only?
A. No, this is due to the liability that is involved with setting someone else’s ski bindings.

Q. Since I have my own snowboard boots, can I rent just a snowboard?
A. Yes

Q. Do we rent snow skates?
A. We do not offer snow skate rentals. Many snow skates and similar pieces of equipment come with non-releasable bindings which have been deemed unsafe and have mostly been replaced with safer options like our alpine skis.

Q. Can I wear multiple pairs of socks to keep my feet warm?
A. Multiple pairs of socks are not necessary while renting our ski or snowboard boots. To achieve the best fit and performance, it is recommended to only wear one pair of ski or snowboard specific socks.

Q. If my children are coming up without me, can I fill out the rental agreement online?
A. Yes, click here for a PDF. Print, complete, sign and send along with your children to Wintergreen.