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Terrain Park

Wintergreen’s Terrain Park offers a chance to hone freestyle skills, with a progression of features that are designed to accommodate a variety of skill levels.


About The Park

To help with the weekend crowd we run a dedicated lift so terrain park users can get as many runs as possible! We frequently change the layout of the 40+ features so that you have something new each time you come to ski or ride. On any day, you might find:

  • Tabletops and fun boxes
  • Spines and hips
  • Straight rails, rainbow rails, battleships, down-kinks and s-rails

The Terrain Park closes one hour before the ski area closing time. For more information, please call our Ski Guest Services at 434-325-2100.

For current conditions and the most up to date information visit our blog.

Rail James & Events

Rail Jam: Let’s see if you can make it down looking steezy, making our jumps won’t be easy. Rail Jam is a jib contest where skiers and snowboarders perform tricks on rails, boxes, pipes, towers, wall rides, etc. Rail Jams usually have thee feature choices for the rider to hit on a run. Every rider takes as many run as as time allows.

Slopestyle: Slopestyle is a winter sport in which athletes ski or snowboard down a course including a variety of obstacles including rails, jumps and other terrain park features. Slopestyle tricks fall mainly into four categories: spins, grinds, grabs and flips. Most tricks done in competition are a combination of these.

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Smart Style

Smart Style is the standard for safety and success at terrain parks nation wide. If you don’t already know, checkout the chart before you come.

Smart Style Chart

Learn more park safety at